The National Cannabis Trademark Registry contains public notices for cannabis related trademark notifications which have been purchased and processed.

Potential infringers are hereby put ON NOTICE that the owners of the cannabis trademarks registered below are doing business as and/or selling products and/or services using their marks in the State of California and/or other States in the United States of America and that they claim and reserve all rights in respect of their marks.

Any non-authorized use of any mark listed on the National Cannabis Trademark Registry is a violation of the Intellectual Property Rights of the mark owner and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

This website does not control any rights to the marks listed on our registry. We are a public notice service to our registered members.

National Cannabis Trademark Registry

Marijuana Company Of America 110-11-000110/01/2018 (non THC) products and turnkey services for the legal cannabis and hemp industry.
Brass Knuckles110-11-005110/01/2018 pens and batteries
The Apothecarium110-11-003610/01/2018 Francisco and Las Vegas Dispensary Brand
Heavy Hitters 110-11-000610/01/2018 Vape pens and cartridges
O.pen Vape110-11-005310/01/2018 pens and more
MedMen Cannabis Dispensaries110-11-005510/01/2018 licensed facilities in 4 States and counting.
Kiva110-11-005410/01/2018 confection chocolates
Honey Vape110-11-005210/01/2018https://www.honeyvape.buzzHoneyVape™ is a California state licensed adult use and medicinal cannabis company that markets robust, authentic cannabis oil.
The High Church110-11-000910/01/2018 High Church Offers You Exclusive Access to the Highest-Grade Flowers and Products in the Cannabis Industry.
Connected Cannabis110-11-000310/01/2018 dispensaries around California offering the highest quality recreational and medicinal marijuana products
Green Tiki Cannabis110-11-000410/01/2018 Lotions, Ointments and Salts for your Bath to Ease all those Aches and Pains....
Ramona Cannabis Business110-11-000210/01/2018’s first licensed medical cannabis dispensary.
Nirvana Cannabis Company110-11-000510/01/2018 certified Recreational/Medical Endorsed cannabis shop
Winchester Collective110-11-000710/01/2018 in Temecula, CA
Highest Grade THC110-11-000810/01/2018 Highest-Grade Cannabis Flowers and Products with Professionalism