Why You Should Register Your Cannabis Trademark Here

Do you own a brand or product in the cannabis industry?

If yes, the information on this page is critical to the long term viability of your business. Keep reading:

Currently, the cannabis industry lacks trademark protection under Federal laws.

Trademarks for cannabis products and services cannot be registered under Federal and most State laws.

Some States, like California, now allow registrations for cannabis trademarks, while most other States still do not.

If you have already registered your cannabis trademark in California pursuant to State law, great!

However, you still need to assert and protect your intellectual property claims outside the State.  

You will also need to get on the US Federal Registry as soon as federal laws change to allow registration of your Cannabis Trademark.*

But wait… what if you are NOT registered in California and you ARE already selling your products in dispensaries?

This is important: If you ARE doing business in California and haven’t yet registered your cannabis trademark — especially if you are listed on Weedmaps or Leafly — you may be in significant danger of losing your brand name to someone else.

Whether your Cannabis Trademark is registered in California or not, Keep reading:

All of the above has implications for your business if, when the law allows, you plan on ever taking your brand outside of the State where you are currently in business.

With Federal laws and most State laws still being insufficient to protect your intellectual property rights in the cannabis industry, the need has arisen for an interim solution to protect business owners.

How can you protect your brand name or product identity if individuals or companies in other States can just use your same brand name since you can’t register for IP (intellectual property) protection in those States or on the Federal level?

This uncertainty has created chaos in the market and business owners require a viable solution.

This website offers such a solution:

The National Cannabis Trademark Registry allows you to register your cannabis trademark according to best practices for establishing common law State trademark rights to cannabis products and services.

Whether or not you have registered your Cannabis Trademark in the State of California, registration here on the National Cannabis Trademark Registry is a public domain claim under common law of ownership to your Cannabis Trademark throughout the United States.

Our registry provides you, the Cannabis Mark Owner, with the following free and (optional) premium services:

  • FREE email list subscription service to get notified of important updates to cannabis laws in the States and at the Federal level which may impact intellectual property rights, including:
    • Priority notification when another State allows registration of Cannabis Trademarks under its law
    • Priority notification when registration is available under Federal law
    • Priority notification when other countries allow registration of Cannabis Trademarks (for example, Canada now allows such registration)
    • Exclusive updates, news, and special offers for our subscribers
  • Premium services include all of the above, plus:
    • Publication and public notice of your claim of ownership and use of your Cannabis Trademark
    • Certificate of Registration (evidence of your claim under common law)

Our free notification service gives you the opportunity to register your Cannabis Trademark on State and Federal registries promptly, beating your competitors to registration.

Now why should you pay to register your Cannabis Trademark here?

Registering your Cannabis Trademark on the National Cannabis Trademark Registry warns potential infringers, and especially potential competitors, not to use your mark.



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*Once we receive all your required information, your cannabis trademark registration will be published to this site within 7-10 business days